The Asian American and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus (AAPILC) Demand an Apology from Texas Congressman Lance Gooden to Congresswoman Judy Chu and the AAPI Community for his Racist Remarks

SACRAMENTO, CA — Today, the California Asian & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus leaders Assemblymember Evan Low (Chair), Senator Dave Min (Vice-Chair) and Assemblymember Mike Fong (Vice-Chair) issued the following statement in response to the racist comments made by Congressman Lance Gooden in an interview on Fox News questioning Congresswoman Judy Chu’s loyalty to this country.

Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley), Chair of the AAPI Legislative Caucus, stated, “We cannot and will not stand for this hateful rhetoric in the United States. The anti-Asian racism spewed by Congressman Lance Gooden against Congresswoman Judy Chu has real world consequences that emboldens violent extremists and too often leads to violence against Asian Americans.”

“Unlike Congressman Gooden, my friend Congresswoman Judy Chu has never tried to undermine our democracy, overturn an election result, or encourage rebellion against the United States,” said Senator Dave Min (D-Irvine). “She has never questioned the legitimacy of our Commander-in-Chief. Throughout her career in public service, Congresswoman Chu has served honorably and the racist, xenophobic, anti-Asian hate directed toward her by a fellow member of Congress is disgusting and appalling.”

Min continued, “The Asian American Pacific Islander community has been suffering through an epidemic of anti-Asian hate, driven in large part by anti-Chinese comments like those made by Lance Gooden. More Asian Americans of all ethnicities and backgrounds will be attacked and harmed because of his contemptible statement made on Fox News. This is unacceptable. I urge Fox News to publicly apologize for the comments made on its network and to refuse to invite Lance Gooden back for any future interviews until he apologizes and makes amends with the AAPI community.”

“Congresswoman Judy Chu is one of America’s finest public servants. I know because I have the honor of serving alongside her in our overlapping districts. Rep. Lance Gooden’s comments questioning her loyalty to the United States are hateful and racist. He adds to an unfortunately long history of xenophobia against Asian Americans who are too often portrayed as perpetual foreigners. We must call out bigotry when we see it. We demand Rep. Gooden to issue a formal apology to Congresswoman Chu immediately,” said Assemblymember Mike Fong, Vice Chair of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus (D-Monterey Park) .


The California Asian American & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus represents and advocates for the interests of the diverse AAPI communities throughout California. It seeks to increase Asian American & Pacific Islander participation and representation in all levels of government.

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