The AAPILC, Governor Newsom, and Californian AAPI Community Celebrate Lunar New Year

SACRAMENTO, CA — Yesterday evening, February 15th 2023, the Asian American & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus was honored to host a Lunar New Year event, with the presence of Governor Newsom and the First Partner, celebrating the new official state holiday in California— the first state in the nation to recognize the AAPI community and our tradition.

Lunar New Year is an event celebrated by millions of people across the world on the first new moon of their calendar, and is predominantly celebrated by the 2,500,000 Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Iu-Mien residents of California. Celebrating the Lunar New Year invites prosperity and good luck to communities throughout California, and further reflects the state’s rich cultural history and commitment to racial, religious, and cultural diversity.

The efforts made within community collaborations and partnerships have been critical to the progress and achievements for our Californian AAPI communities, including the success of AB 2596 (Low). The AAPILC remains dedicated to serving our Californian AAPI communities by creating practices, policies, and futures that are equitable, inclusive, and empowering for us all.


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