API Bill Priorities

Press Release - AAPI Legislative Caucus Announces 2022 Policy Priorities


Anti-Asian Hate Bill Package:

SB 1161 (Min)  - Will require California’s 10 largest transit operators to gather information on street harassment of women and other vulnerable communities and to develop data-driven initiatives to help prevent street harassment on public transit systems.


AB 1947 (Ting)  - Requires all law enforcement agencies to adopt an updated hate crimes policy that instructs officers on how to identify, respond to, and report hate crimes.


AB 2448 (Ting) - Requires businesses to train workers on spotting and reporting acts of discrimination that occur on their premises.


AB 2549 (Bonta, Muratsuchi, Weber) - Creates a public health approach to prevent the street harassment of women and other vulnerable communities in California.


Additional AAPI Caucus Policy Priorities:

SB 1033 (Pan) - Strengthens requirements on commercial plans to utilize best practice survey method standards for the collection of demographic data and data on community needs, such as housing, nutrition, and other supports, which have been shown to positively impact health outcomes.


AB 723 (Low) - Allows the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to waive the behind-the-wheel driving examination for a person with a driver’s license from a foreign nation when applying for a California driver’s license if specific conditions are met.


AB 1614 (Muratsuchi) - Adds $4.2 billion into the existing Local Control Funding Formula above the statutory cost-of-living adjustment for the 2022-23 budget year, with the intent that the Legislature strive to reach the top ten states in the county in K-12 per pupil spending.


AB 1801 (Nazarian) - Establishes April 24th as a state holiday referred to as "Armenian Genocide Awareness Day."


AB 1944 (Lee) – Allows members of a local legislative body, upon majority vote, to waive the Brown Act requirements of publishing their private address on the meeting agenda and making this address open to members of the public. It would also require a remote participation option for members of the public to address the body.


AB 2095 (Kalra) - Requires large employers with 1,000 or more employees to annually report to the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) data related to job quality such as pay, hours, turnover, and equity.


AB 2164 (Lee) - Supports local jurisdictions with sustained funding to improve accessibility in their regions by: (1) removing the January 1, 2024 fee sunset, enabling local governments to collect the $4.00 business license fee indefinitely; and (2) clarifying local jurisdictions’ ability to use these funds for small business accessibility related grants.


AB 2596 (Low) - Recognizes Asian culture and celebrates the fabric of American diversity by making Lunar New Year Day a paid state holiday.